Thursday, May 1, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Almost 2 years ago, my brother, Chad, brought home a new puppy unannounced to my parents until he arrived. At the time, Brad and I (& Avery) were living with my parents since our house sold so quickly and we were looking for a new house to move into. My brother named his new puppy Buck (his AKC name is Buckwild in theWoods!!) and he is so cute. Avery loved him because she could run all around him and he could never catch her because he was so clumsy.

A lot has changed in 2 years. Avery no longer has a hand (or paw) on Buck and now Buck has another person to bother him when he tries to rest (Braden). Oh yeah and my mom completely loves Buck! Chad has been training Buck to compete in AKC Hunt Trials since he was a puppy. He is so great. He has passed two junior trials and just needs to win two more to begin competing in the senior trials.

Tuesday I went and watched while Chad trained Buck for an upcoming trial in May. He did so good and I was so impressed with him that I thought that I would brag on him and my brother for doing such a great job!

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Michelle said...

Does this puppy need a girl friend??? We have the perfect Doggie :) Kimber !!!!!!!!! They are both pure breeds. How cute would that be ?