Monday, May 12, 2008

A Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

So today has been the day from H***! I won't go into detail, but I will just say that it all began when I woke up this morning at the time that I needed to leave my house for work! By the way, thanks Brad(and thanks for making me laugh about how dramatic I can be sometimes!), Mom, Dad, Krysti, Sarah and Kylie for listening to me vent! Because today has been so crappy, I wanted to blog about my wonderful weekend to give me something more positive to focus on!

On Saturday, my dad and Brad smoked ribs and chicken on Brad's big smoker grill that I got him last Father's Day. We had a wonderful meal of meat, grilled corn, roasted carrots, onions & potatoes, potato salad, green beans, and pineapple casserole. Oh, and my dad made homemade ice cream!
Brad's parents and my parents came over and it was so nice to have both sets of parents with us to celebrate Mother's Day. Braden played non stop in the pool and riding his battery operated four wheeler. He wasn't feeling very well and was a little fussy off and on throughout the day, but I know that he loved getting so much attention from all of his grandparents.

On Sunday morning, my wonderful husband made me strawberry cheesecake muffins! The BEST! Then Brad, Braden and I curled up in bed to watch Curious George and eat our delicious muffins! Braden loved the muffins and in fact last night before we went to bed we were still getting crumbs out of our bed! After church Braden came home and took a super long nap. He usually does on Sundays since he is off his regular nap schedule. Brad and I watched reruns of Deadliest Catch (my favorite) and napped on and off. I even slept through our power going out! I really love afternoon naps! For dinner we went to eat at Nagoya (Covington). It was delicious and Braden was sooooo good! When everyone would laugh at the chef, Braden would try laughing louder than everyone else! He is such a character! When we got home we sat outside while Braden played in the backyard.
It was a lovely, peaceful, and relaxing Mother's Day.


sarah said...

I didn't know we shared a love of Deadliest Catch (or The Catch as Tim calls it) did I? How neat! Glad you had a good mama's day with our buddy Braden!

Michelle said...

Braden is sooooooo beautiful. Yes Brad that's right HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!