Monday, May 12, 2008

My Momma

I have the best mom (the best parents to be honest with you , but I will save my dad's dedication until Father's Day). I know that most people think that their mom is the best, but I really truly do. Just ask anyone who knows my mother. They know how kind, gentle, gracious and compassionate she is. She is truly wonderful. I almost begin to tear up even as I am writing this because I truly love my mom so much.
My mom is the type of mother who would go without just so that her children would not have to go without. My mom is the kind of mom that you can talk to about anything because you know that she loves you unconditionally no matter what. My mom is the kind of mom who will bow her head to pray for you ~ I mean truly pray for you when you need it. My mom is the kind of mom who expects you to be your very best~not because her expectations are too high, but because she truly believes that we have what it takes to reach the stars! My mom is the kind of mom that you never want to disappoint because you never want to see her eyes cloud up with sadness, even though you know it will never change how much she loves you, but the pain of seeing her hurt is harder to bear than the consequences of bad choices. My mom is the kind of mom that is selfless in her actions. My mom is the kind of mom who will laugh with you, cry with you, and still want you to sit in her lap even though you are 26 years old! My mom is the kind of mom who kisses you and tells you she loves you EVERY time she sees or talks to you. My mom is the kind of mom who showers you with affection and affirmation. She affirms you for who you are and not what you do. My mom is the kind of mom who can see you as her sweet baby girl and her adult daughter with a child of her own.

My one true fear in life is not being as great of a mother to Braden as my mother has been to me. However, I know that I have the best role model to follow!

Mommy, I love you so much and you mean so much to me!
Happy Mother's Day!
Chassidy (& I'm sure that Chad echoes all of my sentiments!)

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Chassidy,
You are every Mother's dream come true of a daughter, also every child's dream come true for a Mother. Thank you for the blessing you are to all of us.
I Love You, Mom