Sunday, December 23, 2012

Polar Express 2012

Brad and I were so excited to surprise the boys with a special trip to Chattanooga to ride the Polar Express train.  We took Braden twice before Parker was born, but this was the first time that we have gone since having Parker.  Both boys were super excited...and then the closer that we got to the train the more nervous Parker got.  When we boarded the train and found our seat he was excited to look out the window with Braden- then the train started to move and Parker spent the next half hour grumping.  Brad and I couldn't stop laughing.  He was so funny!  Braden was thrilled to be on the train again and kept saying to Parker, "It's ok little buddy,  this is so much fun!". 

Brad couldn't resist!

Then Santa arrived and apparently all was right in Parker's world again because he told me, "I not scared anymore mommy, I not scared!"  It was a wonderful mini trip and we hope that we created some fun memories for our sweet boys!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa 2012

This is the third year in a row we have had a screaming child on Santa's lap.  Wait...I take that back.  Last year we had a screaming child jumping OFF of Santa's lap!

Anyway, the annual Santa picture has been taken!  And Parker actually stood beside Santa, though he was VERY nervous and SILENT as we stood in line.  At one point he even started backing up like he wasn't sure, but he did indeed stand beside Santa and he even told him what he would like ("A candy and a dinosaur"). 

Braden of course was his super relaxed around an old man with a big white beard self...just as he has been every year since we placed him on this "stranger's lap"  when he was 11 months old.  He was happy to see Santa and give him his letter for Santa that he wrote all on his own this year!  He did a great job!

Emersyn was our screamer this year!  She stayed on Santa's lap just long enough to get the obligatory Santa picture and then she was rescued by her Daddy!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we had three Thanksgivings!  I am so tired of turkey and dressing for real!
My three little turkeys!
Our first Thanksgiving was the first Sunday in November and we celebrated with my mom's side of the family.  It is a HUGE celebration with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunt and uncle and 2nd and 3rd cousins.  We all have so much fun catching up and the kids have a blast!  This year my granny was missing since she had pneumonia and it was definitely not the same without her.  The only pics I took were on my phone and they aren't that great.

Our second Thanksgiving was with Brad's family on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It is the first time since Brad and I were dating that we did Thanksgiving with his whole family.  It was really a nice day.  We were able to just hang out and chat with Brad's brothers and my sister in law, Amy, and all of the kids had a  really great time.  They all love getting to play and hang out together!  Once again I forgot my camera, but Brad's brother John took a family picture of everyone that I need to get a copy of.

Our final Thanksgiving was at my parent's house.  It was small with just my parents, us, my granny and grandpa and our family friends, the Butts.  It was nice and relaxed and once again the kids didn't eat much turkey as they preferred to play with Ara and Evie instead!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pumpkin Party at Parker's School

Can I just say one more time that I LOVE staying at home with my kids?!? One of the many reasons is becasue I was able to attend Parker's school party without having to ask permission or feel like I was in a hurry to get back. Each year, Parker's preschool has a Let's Pretend Party and they encourage the children to dress up in non scary costumes and they get to trick or treat and have a party in the classroom. Parker dressed up as an elephant or as he says, "elpant" which is one of his three favorite animals (lion or "lion king" and monkey are the other two).  Parker had a great time and got yellow icing from the cupcakes all over his costume!

Parker's best bud, Jack

Lulu and Grrr.  Parker was excited that they were both at his party! 

Halloween 2012

It seems like I am always delayed in posting this time of year!  'Tis the season I guess! 

This Halloween, we did our usual- family(with the exception of my Granny and Grandpa Bill and Shane, Staci, the boys and Skylar who were all sick), chili and hot dogs, but instead of a hayride through our neighborhood (which is a ghost town on Halloween...I mean people literally turned their porch lights out on us last year and one man closed the blinds on us...rude) we went to Parker's preschool for trunk or treat. They had a HUGE blow up slide which Braden and Cohen loved, Parker wouldn't commit to riding (he refused to take his shoes off and then kept sneaking up behind the man who was helping the kids on the slide) and Emersyn and Hunter enjoyed watching.

The veterinarian, elephant, and watermelon!

Braden and his sweet pre-k teacher, Ms Cindy


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

I think this is the closest we have EVER been to Halloween without carving our pumpkin, but this month has been super busy and it totally snuck up on me.  I truly believed that I had an extra week before Halloween!  I finally bought a pumpkin at Target a few days ago and Parker got to choose the stencil.  He picked Angry Birds, of course!  Both of my boys are crazy about Angry Birds and have been for a while! 2011 pumpkin, 2010 pumpkin.
The boys were so excited about carving the pumpkin and Braden was actually up for helping pull the pumpkin guts out this year!  Parker, however, kept saying, "Icky!" and "I can't watch!"  We pulled Emersyn close to the action and she enjoyed playing with the top of the pumpkin and trying to eat the uncooked pumpkin seeds!
choosing the stencil

"I can't look!"

digging out the guts!

Parker wanted a kiss!  Love that sweet boy!

excited about getting to join the fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Braden's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

I was so excited that I got to go with Braden on his field trip this year! We visited Southern Belle Farm in McDonough which is our favorite farm.  We didn't have a chance to visit as a family this year so I was glad that Braden at least got to visit with his class.  Braden was most excited about riding the bus and eating the ice cream that they give you after lunch!  He had a great time and I felt so blessed to be able to go with him!
Braden and Madilyn

Ms. Walker, Braden & Ms. Ruff

cow train