Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day

OK.....So I know that this is super late, but I didn't want to post until I had my pictures uploaded to my computer and that didn't happen until about 30 minutes ago. So here goes....

Memorial day was great! Brad was home with us the WHOLE day which is great! He occupied Braden while I did a little cooking (hash brown casserole and pasta salad) for the pool party BBQ at my Aunt Joy and Uncle Greg's house! I ALWAYS love when my whole family is together! Our family is HUGE now, but we have always been super close and I love that we all still make time to get together. Plus I really love my cousins' wives (Staci and Amberly). Since I've always been the only girl (on my mom and dad's side) I always enjoy when they are around. And can I just say that my Granny is super cute! I love that she is still working on her tan at ** years old! It's ok Granny, I'll never reveal your age (not that I know since she never tells her "true" age)!

My Granny aka Braden's Gigi

I worked on my tan a little bit. I'm preparing for the beach in July! Braden spent a ton of time in the pool! He is definitely our little fish! Brad taught him how to "jump" off the edge of the pool! Super cute! My cousin brought a slip n slide for Gage which Braden completely enjoyed! I actually need to make a run to the Dollar General to purchase one! Oh and let me thank my brother for tossing me into the pool! I never did get him back!

Splish Splash

Gage and Ace

My two handsome boys

Braden "jumping" into the pool
Braden on the Slip N Slide
Check out those moves!
It was a great Memorial Day!


Morgan said...

Aww. He's so cute! I love slip-n-slides!

~Michelle~ said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!! I love Braden ... we missed you Sunday :)

Lori said...

I didn't know Braden called her "Gigi". That is what Ethan calls his great grandma also!