Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Busy Day

This morning our niece Berkley celebrated her 3rd birthday at Jump!Zone in Buford. I was a little concerned about how Braden would do, but he absolutely loved it! He was fearless on all of the inflatables and he really enjoyed the slides.

Amelia, Braden & Daddy playing in the inflatables. (Isn't his smile adorable?)
Cooper and Berkley

Braden & Uncle John on the slide.

This afternoon while Brad was at the Braves' game, my parents came and picked Braden and me up to go to the fair in Covington. He had such a great time. He started giggling as soon as he saw all of the rides. He was too small to ride everything except the carousel, so of course he had to ride that twice! Palpaw also made sure that Braden didn't leave the fair empty handed~ he played a duck game and Braden won a stuffed bear and a pinwheel.

Braden with his prizes.

Grandmother, Braden & Palpaw on the carousel.
Mommy and Braden in front of the carousel.

Braden and Palpaw playing the duck game.


The Hodges Five said...

I just love the one of Braden and his uncle coming down the slide...that hair cracks me up!!! It totally reminds me of Evan's when he was little!

Oh, and what a great picture of Mommy and Braden!


sarah said...

I couldn't post a comment on the fisher boy so I'm doing it here. Girl don't you know I was jealous about that meal! YUMMO! and don't you know I wasn't jealous about having to deal with worms!!