Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Deadliest Catch Game

Ok, all of you Deadliest Catch fans I found a game on their website and it is great! You get to buy a boat, equipment, and select your crew! Oh so much fun! After we put Braden to bed the other night Brad and I played for a little while!
By the way, did anyone see Edgar get hit in the head last night? OWWW! And is anyone worried about Phil? I am!

Sidenote*** Sarah and Kylie maybe we should set up our own LOST blog! I can never remeber what happened on the previous episode when we actually have a chance to discuss it. I'm sure that Zach would love to be our moderator! Just a thought!


sarah said...

Are you kidding...he would LIVE to be the moderator of that thing!

Just so you know it is 10:21 and I am so tired but i want to play "The Catch" so bad! I am not going to because I need sleep but just know you caused a major conflict between my mind and body right now!

~Michelle~ said...

Your all about this show aren't you ????