Saturday, May 17, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Friday evening several of my friends and I planned a girls night out to Country Fair at the HIFI Buys Ampitheatre. We saw Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan in concert. It was a very amusing night and here are some of the "highlights"!

  • Miranda Lambert was awesome! She is still my favorite female counrty artist!

  • It was really chilly. And the wind was blowing which made it 100 times worse!

  • When Kylie drinks she makes up crazy theories like lots of people look like animals and then she names the animal as the person walks by! It was actaully REALLY funny!

  • Krysti got to go backstage for a Dierks Bentley meet and greet where she got a picture and autograph. (I think she's in love!)

  • We saw a girl fall down the hill we were sitting on and pop out her knee cap! EWWWW! The paramedics had to carry her out on a stretcher. Moral of the story: Drinking, high heel boots and hills lead to bad things when they are together!

  • I got to see my good buddy Morgan, who I never see nearly enough!

  • When Braden is in highschool he WILL NOT be going to Country Fair unless I am going with him as his personal chaperone.

  • There was a lady who brought her infant child to the concert. This is as bad as taking a baby to a bar!

  • There was a guy dancing all by himself pretending that a girl was dancing with him. Kylie offered to pay Ashley's rent for the month if she would slide in and dance with him!

  • Sarah pointed out when we were leaving that by the end of the night drunk people have a very irratated and solemn look on their face. A complete 180 from the 3 hours before when they were all buzzed!
Ashley, me, Sarah & Kylie
Krysti with Dierks Bentley!
Morgan & Me
Sarah & Me

Since I don't drink it was very "amusing" to people watch (one of my favorite things). It was really fun just getting to hang out with the girls for the whole evening. However, I realize that I am no longer cut out for late nights. I was soooo sleepy by 10:00! Until next year.... that is if we can talk Kylie into another country music concert!

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The Hodges Five said...

Isn't it funny, how MOMMYHOOD, suddenly makes you not be able to "hang"?