Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anybody feeling crafty????

Hello all! I saw this super cute blog that sells custom made name plates (wall hangings).
Brandi- I completely thought of you when I saw it because I am certain that this is something that you could make! But please don't charge $50! I am in need of some inspiration. I have NOT scrapbooked a single page since before Braden's birthday in JANUARY!!!!! Part of my problem is that I absolutely HATE dragging everything out and then having to clean it back up and part of it is because Braden is a handfull and into EVERYTHING now that most of my time is spent chasing him around! LITERALLY!! However, I have way TOO many pictures piling up on me and Braden is WAY TOO CUTE for me to not do anything with them. So......this is an all call invite to see if anyone would be interested in setting up a date to get together and scrap! I am way more inspired after I see other people's stuff and can get ideas! PLUS Santa (aka my mom and dad) bought me A LOT of new scrapbooking stuff for Christmas that I really want to use!

Anybody interested?????


sarah said...

you know i'm in! I have three portable tables i can donate. Just DO NOT plan anything for June 14-21 because i will be at the beach and be super mad to miss a scrap day!

sarah said...
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~Michelle~ said...

I totally would but I have nothing to scrap. lol.... Sorry. I do need to put pictures in albums. Hobby Lobby had this huge sale on all these cute albums last summer and I bought a ton and have not put a single picture in one. How sad is that?

Krysti said...

Even though I don't have a child, I would scrapbook and or keep the kiddies occupied so you can actually scrapbook!! :-) Let me know when!!!

The Hodges Five said...

Those signs are super cute, but man...$50! That's crazy!

I would love to get together and scrap, but have pretty much given up on that one!! I got so far behind with Evan and now with 2 more the mix...YIKES! I'm so terrible!!! I NEVER print picutres anymore. Since the twins have been born, I've printed a few black and whites that I took back in March and that's it!!! Sad, I know! I alwasy upload everythign to my computer and post a few on our blog. I really need to get them all uploaded onto a flash drive or disks, b/c if my computer crashed I would lose everything.