Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink in a Sea of Blue

Tonight I was working on laundry and it hit me that this was the first time I had washed Emersyn's clothes with the boys'. It seemed so strange seeing all of the pink mixed in with dump truck pajamas and Thomas the Train t shirts. Not strange in a bad way, just strange in a way that our life is REALLY about to change. And not just in a "gonna have a new baby" type of way, but in a "gonna have a girl" type of way. And this really shouldn't scare me...I mean I'm a girl...I know first hand all about girls, but it kind of does. We are adding pink and purple, ribbon and bows, butterflies and flowers, babies and Barbies, to a world full of blue and camo, trucks and trains, frogs and earthworms, soccer and football. As strange and scary as it feels, it is also exciting. I think about how lucky she is to have two big brothers to take care of her and love her. I think about how she might make my rough and tumble boys a little softer and they might help her to be a little more well rounded and hopefully not such a drama queen!
So, pink in a sea of blue laundry doesn't seem quite so weird anyway. Now I just worry about how different it will be to change a girl's diaper!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Emersyn's room

Emersyn's room is finished! Woo Hoo! He furniture is in her room, her bedding is in her crib, her curtains and letters are hung, her drawers and closet are filled with goodies and now we are just waiting on her arrival.
Working on her room was a lot of fun! I ordered the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I loved the brown sheet with the polka dots of fuchsia, pink, aqua and lime green. We painted the walls a light aqua color and I found a cute fabric that had all of the colors and I recovered the hope chest that was my grandma's and also used it to cover a lamp and make curtains and a pillow for her chair. One of my favorite pieces in the room is the old chair that was my grandma's. I love the curves, the fabric, the wood and the vintage look and feel. I saw ideas for the letters on etsy and then googled the idea and saw how easy it was and decided that I could make them myself. I also used the same idea to make a hair bow holder and I learned to make hair bows and I have been whipping them out like crazy! I am really happy with how her room turned out and love that it is girly without looking like someone walked in and spilled a giant bottle of pepto bismol everywhere!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harmonica Night

Tonight after the boys had their bath, Braden rediscovered his old harmonica that he got from Micah's birthday party a few years ago. He loves playing the harmonica and Brad was showing him some new tunes. Parker couldn't wait to get in on the action, but I could see a fight beginning to brew over the fun little musical instrument when I remembered that my parents bought Braden a new harmonica a few months ago. So I pulled out Braden's shiny new red harmonica and he was kind enough to give his old harmonica to Parker in return. This lead to good times and lots of laughs between the brothers while the played their harmonicas together. These are the times that I love the most- watching my boys create memories and fun times with each other and it makes me excited about all of the fun they will have as they get older!

Braden's 1st Day of Pre K

This past Monday Braden started his first day of Pre K! I cannot believe that this means that he will be in KINDERGARTEN next year!!! He was so excited about school starting back and about being in the classroom with a train table (which I think is really funny since he doesn't play with his train table at home anymore). His new teachers, Ms. Cindy and Ms. Betty seem really sweet and so far he has had 4 really great days! I am hoping that this will be a really fun and exciting year for him and prepare him even more for Kindergarten.