Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toothbrush Klepto

Ok....I have a couple of cute Braden stories for you.

1. Braden is obsessed with brushing his teeth! He goes crazy when he sees his toothbrush. He is so obsessed with toothbrushes that he has now started stealing mine and Brad's toothbrushes. I'm serious! He goes into our bathroom and gets one, if not both (at the same time), at least once a day! Whenever he is quiet I know that means I didn't hear him this afternoon and I walked into our bedroom to get him and when I said his name he darted out of the bathroom with Brad's toothbrush! It was hilarious because all that I saw was this flash of hair and a green toothbrush scurry past me giggling! He is soooo crazy!

2. Braden despises kisses. When we ask him for a kiss he always turns his head other way! It makes me so sad! He literally has only given me 4 kisses his whole life. BUT I found a way to get him to give me kisses. He LOVES to eat, so now when I want a kiss I bribe him with food. It works every time! He (reluctantly) leans his head over and plants me a big one (and usually wet!) right on the lips to get his food! Is this good parenting? Probably not...but I sure enjoy all of the sweet kisses I'm getting!

3. This evening Braden got his first band-aid (other than the ones he gets at the doctor's office when he gets shots). It was not his first boo-boo, just his first band-aid with his boo-boo. We were outside with him this evening and he LOVES to explore. But more than that he loves to run from us when we tell him to come. He thinks it is a game because he always turns around to look us and giggles and then takes off. It was cute for a while, but now he knows better and just does it anyway. Well, Brad was using his "stern" voice to call Braden back so he came running back and tripped and hurt his knee. I cleaned it off and put his first Thomas the Train band-aid on. He was so curious about the band-aid that he kept pulling up his shorts to inspect it!

4. Tonight in the bathtub he squirted himself in the face with his rubber ducky. I started laughing and then because he loves to make people laugh he kept squiring himself in the face and giggling! He is so silly!

5. Everyday I am more and more amazed everyday with how much Braden has learned. Children truly are little sponges. We may not be able to understand a single word that he says, but he knows a lot of what we are saying. When we tell him "let's go bye-bye" ~ he runs to the garage door, "let's go out" ~ he runs to the front door, "it's time to take a bath~ he runs to the bathroom, "it's time to get out of the bath"~ he pulls up the stopper on the tub, "are you ready to eat?" ~he runs to his seat in the kitchen, "it is time to go night-night" ~ he picks up his bedtime bear and runs into his room to his crib and much more!

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sarah said...

1. What is up with you and klepto boys? I swear you attract them like a magnet!! Atleast he hasn't shoved the toothbrush up his shirt yet ;)

5. He is totally going to be talking in sentences before he says something else. He's probably just storing it all up for the big "wow" factor!