Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pre-K Round Up

Today was the much anticipated Pre-K Round Up. Despite my nervous fears it went really well. Mrs. Creal (my future teacher's assistant) and I met 14 precious future Pre-K kids today. We only had 6 students not come which is pretty amazing. I saw lots of excitement and a little bit of anxiety on many little faces (I think they probably saw the same look on my face). By the way, thank you Krysti for helping me put the finishing touches on my table and reminding me that everything would go fine! And you were right~ it did!

When my principal approached about taking Pre-K in January, I completely freaked out! I went home that afternoon sobbing (& many afternoons after that). Kindergarten, let alone Pre-K were always grades that I NEVER EVER considered teaching. After LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of prayers I feel like God has given me an amazing opportunity. I am so excited about next year, but also kind of scared. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED 2nd grade! But then again I did work with the best people on my team. That really is the truth. When I took the 2nd grade position 4 years ago I didn't know how truly blessed I was going to be by the friendships and relationships that I made. I taught with 4 amazing women and I learned so much from each of them. I realize how much God blessed me by being obedient to him after I tried to get out of my contract when I found out that there was a mass exodus from the school (I don't know if I told any of you that!?!), but by staying where I was committed I was given a huge blessing.

My prayer this summer is that God will work in my heart to prepare me for these precious children and for me to understand that what matters most to them is someone to show them love and acceptance (I am writing this partly to remind myself of my purpose when I am ready to pull my hair out in August). I know that by honoring God even when I REALLY didn't want to I am being an obedient and willing servant.

Thank you Lord for being patient with me when I am strong willed and defiant and I try to fight your will for me with every ounce of energy that I possess because it was not MY plan. And thank you reminding me gently that YOUR plan ALWAYS blesses me so much more than my plan ever could!

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sarah said...

chills girl, i have chills! I couldn't agree with you more about the GIGANTIc blessing of teaching with the four of you too! You will be wonderful. I will help in anyway I can. Maybe Micah and I can be monthly visitors to do a special something!