Saturday, February 21, 2009


Since we have been watching Braden's diet he hasn't had many sweet treats. Yesterday we were at the grocery store and we passed the bakery donuts and they looked sooo good. I asked Braden if wanted to pick one out to take home and he was so excited. He chose the donut that was covered in star sprinkles. And I got a raspberry filled donut. YUM! Braden wanted his donut right away and I was explaining to him that we had to take it to the register and check out first. He looked at me so seriously and said, "Mommy be patient." He is so funny!

When we got home he wanted his donut on a red plate (he has become very picky about colors lately) and when I put it on his plate along with his "coffee" aka chocolate milk, he said, "MMMM.. donut deyishus (delicious)" and he was right!


Brad has been teaching Braden how to act like Tarzan. You know- beating your chest and howling like a crazy person who has been in the jungle too long. It is sooooo funny! He also taught him how to flex his "big muscles"! TOO CUTE!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

I made these super cute cupcakes this evening to take to my class tomorrow for our Valentine's Day Party. I got the idea from The Crafty Crow . I changed the icing colors...I like a's the spice of life... and I had a hard time getting enough green fruit snacks for the petals but I think they turned out fabulous. YUM! My class is going to love these cupcakes!

Worker Boy Braden

Yesterday evening Braden was fussy while I was trying to unload the dishwasher. To keep him distracted, I had him help me put away a few utensils in a drawer. He did such a great job that I thought he might be able to sort the silverware into the right compartments, so I took all of the knives out and gave him the silverware oraganzier and the dishwasher basket. I showed him where the spoons, forks and butter knives went and off he went on his mission. He did such an awesome job! I made a big fuss about him being Mommy's helper and I have decided that this is his new "chore". Who says a 2 year old can't help around the house!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute Braden Story

Since the weather has been so beautiful Braden had been playing outside all day. After dinner, he was a little whiny so I asked him if he wanted to go cuddle and he said, "No, no, no." So I told him that I would run his bath. Usually he loves a bath, but tonight the thought of a bath just appalled him for some reason. I picked him up and I was carrying him to the bathroom to start running his water and just before we got to the bathroom in this super sweet voice he said, "Mommy..Braden...cuddle with blanket puh-lease." sweet! So yes we cuddled and cuddled! However as cute as that was I am still a somewhat smart enough mom to realize that my son was trying to con me out of his bath, so after the super sweet cuddle time he had his bath anyways! What a silly boy!