Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

This Christmas my parents got us a family pass to the zoo and we LOVE it!  We have been several times since then, but this was our first summer excursion and Emersyn's first trip (though she didn't seem that excited about it ;)). 
It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze, but there were a little too many people for me.  I prefer it when it is hardly crowded.  Anyways, the kiddo had fun and it totally pooped them out and me which meant that I actually got an afternoon nap too!  Here are a few of the High lights or in my case "low" light of the day.
  • We went with 3 other families from church which meant that my kiddos had plenty of people to keep them entertained and I had fun friends to talk with.
  • We took the boys to the Reptile house for the first time and Braden LOVED not so much!
  • Emersyn took a nice little nap and was in a really great mood the majority of the time.
  • The MIST FANS....I must get one of these for my back porch!
  • The boys were so entertained with their buddies that we didn't have to ride the train.  FIRST. TIME. EVER.
  • Parker freaked out when we saw the elephant this time, which is odd considering it was his favorite last time.  Grumpy ol' man.
  • I got pooped on in the Living Rain Forest.  Fun times.  Lucky for me it wasn't a direct hit, just a little splatter.  However, still totally disgusting.
  • I discovered that the wind Africa Wind machine totally freaks Parker out and we discovered how many kids you can stuff in there to fully maximize the experience.
  • Braden was super excited about seeing "Kung Fu" Panda
  • Parker was totally mesmerised by the naked mole rat. 
  • Parker tried to strip down and pee on a tree during our picnic lunch.
  • Dillon, one of Braden's buddies, found a dead rat on the lawn during our lunch.  I think one of the naked mole rats escaped.
  • Heat only makes the petting zoo more stinky.

"Did you know that a flamingo actually gets his color from eating shrimp?"
More fascinating than all other animals combined- roly polies

Braden hung out under the fan for several minutes and he got soaked

exiting the stinky petting zoo

Baby girl looks ready to go

the wind tunnel

Poor Parker

totally content to chill at the children's playground all afternoon

this is what i did when we got home!