Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nobody Cooks Meatloaf like Momma

Sunday morning I picked up my mom for our overnight trip to Dahlonega. My eyes were red from crying when I picked her up because Braden was crying when I walked out the door to leave him for 2 days. After many questions from my mom about being sure that I was ok to leave Braden and a delicious breakfast that my dad cooked, we hit the road. On our way to Dahlonega we stopped at the North Georgia Outlets and they have some really great stores! one store called Hartstrings had some really great children's clothes. Sunday evening we feasted at The Smith House. It is a restaurant similar to the Dillard House where all of the food is brought to the table family style. We ate roast, fried chicken, ham, turnip greens, mashed potatoes, okra, sweet potatoes, corn and more! We were so full when we were finished eating that we walked all around town , even though the shops were closed! We even spent some time sitting on gliders in the front of a furniture store that was closed for the day! When we got to the hotel room we were still so full that my mom and I attempted to exercise! We spent most of the time laughing at ourselves and our very sharp moves! We were supposed to stay up and watch The Next Food Network Star at 10pm, but my mom fell asleep on me around 9:15. So I fell asleep a little before 10 and then she woke up at 10:15! By then it was too late for me!

On Monday we woke up and got ready for the day. We walked around all of the shops and it was such a beautiful day. We ate at The Crimson Moon Cafe that was featured in Southern Living a few months ago. They had THE BEST SALAD that we have ever tasted, but their meatloaf was horrible! Nobody cooks meatloaf like Momma! I don't think that I can describe just how bad the meatloaf was. It was a really good thing that we ate the delicious salad or I would have been really disappointed. However, the atmosphere was great. We sat on this 2nd story porch that overlooked the square. It was a really pretty view. Before heading home we stopped in and bought ice cream to get us through the car ride.

Every year my mom and I try to take a trip together, but we haven't since Braden was born. This trip wasn't as long as our other trips have been, but is was just as much fun! I always have the best time with my mom and this trip was no exception. When we got home we were both super tired~ we thought that Braden was the one wearing us out, but he wasn't with us so now we think that we are just old!

By the way, let me give a shout out to Brad and my dad for taking care of my little man. Braden was very spoiled when I returned and I know that he didn't miss me a bit! I think the homemade cookies, trip to the park and new truck probably helped! What a lucky kid!

Me and my mom at The Smith House

Our delicious salad The Crimson Moon Cafe!!!

Our view from The Crimson Moon Cafe


~Michelle~ said...

Awe! I am glad you guys had such a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad youguys had fun. It is good to get away sometimes even though we miss our babies and husbands.

Dirt said...

Awww. The Blog about yall's trip made me miss you guys even more! I'm glad y'all had so much fun! And you're def. right about your mom's meatloaf! I miss it almost as much as i miss her... (: (oh, ps: let me know about the scrapbooking night... you know i'm down!)