Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tag...You're it!

Sarah just tagged me and gave me directions to share five unimportant things about myself. Like there is anything unimportant about me! (you're better off if you don't respond to that statement!) So here goes!

1. I have a great fondness for ladybugs. This is mainly due to the fact that when I was little my brother's nickname for me was ladybug. When I would get upset about something, he would say, "What's wrong ladybug?". But it was in a real drawn out way like Layyydeeeebuug!

2. Over the Georgia State Patrol Post on the access road beside I-20 in Conyers there is a pole that sits on top of the station that is lit up. There is also a similar pole on I-285 on the way to my Granny's house. When I was little I named each pole. The I-20 pole was my good friend "Blinky" and the I-285 pole was my good buddy "Lighty". I used them as points of reference when we traveled. I knew that if I saw "lighty" I was getting close to my granny's house and if I saw "Blinky" I was close to home. I liked to announce their names on all of our road trips and much to Brad's protests I still do! Yes....I realize that I am a very strange person!

3. Open containers in refrigerators makes me sick! Also, uncapped beverages or uncovered cups in the refrigerator grosses me out! It makes me think that germs are flying all around in the fridge! UGH! However, most mornings I make Ovaltine and stick it into the freezer to chill and that doesn't bother me. I guess I think that the germ particles are frozen in mid-air!

4. I HATE celery! Now I know that Hate is a strong word, but that is truly how I feel about celery. I've never met a stalk that I liked! I despise the texture. The smell makes me want to vomit. And the taste is the worst of all! Actually, I think that it is the ONLY food that detest!

5. I cannot do a cartwheel. My mom even tirelessly tried to help me when I was around 9 or 10, but I just never ever could. It is a probably a combination of the fact that I am clumsy and too stubborn to listen!

So now that I been tagged, I am tagging Michelle, Krysti, and Brandi! Your directions are the same as mine (5 unimportant things about yourself) and I can't wait to read them!


The Hodges Five said...

I'll have to think about this one. That's funny...I've NEVER been able to do a cartwheel either. I always felt like such a loser for it! LOL I'm glad now to know that I'm not the only one.

~Michelle~ said...

okie dokie it's on there! lol

sarah said...

You know I get great joy out of your number 3 and you know why I get great joy out of your number 3 but for fear of being tracked down by ______ I will not say anything else. Just know I was LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!

Chassidy said... know I TRULY love you !

(Pastor Chad Caldwell) said...

What a loser!!!!How did you narrow it to five? Brad you must stop this madness.