Friday, June 13, 2008

Watermelon Fun

Mommy doesn't even know the mess I'm about to make!

This evening while I was cutting up fruit for our visit to Chris and Dawn's house tomorrow, I let Braden sit on the counter. He is a super picky eater (just like his daddy) and I am trying to encourage him to try new things. I read this article that said that one of the best ways to get picky eaters to try new things is to let them cook with you. Well Braden isn't old enough to cook with me and I technically was not cooking, but I thought that if he sat on the counter top with me he might become interested in at least trying the fruit! The first thing that I cut up was cantaloupe and he actually tried a piece on his own, but spit it out. When I started cutting up the watermelon I gave him several pieces like I did with the cantaloupe and he would try to feed them to me which he thinks is really funny! I always say "yum, yum" and he would giggle, but not try any. He finally tried a piece of watermelon, but then discovered that it was much more fun to squeeze all of the juice out of the watermelon than to eat it! I was really proud of him because he actually ate 2 small pieces! When I was finished cutting all of the watermelon for our visit tomorrow I let him squish around in the rest of the watermelon! He had the best time squishing it through his fingers! Needless to say, when he was finished squeezing all of his pieces of watermelon we headed straight for the bath!Here, try some Daddy!
Ooh! It feels so squishy in my fingers!

Look at the mess that I made! But Mommy doesn't mind because I'm so cute!


The Hodges Five said...

Super Cute!!!

Paige said...

He is really cute!

~Michelle~ said...

HE is sooooooo cute :) I bet he had a great time making a mess