Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blizzard Braden

My house used to be clean! It was clean a year ago. 6 months ago. Even 3 months ago it stayed fairly clean. But not anymore. It takes Braden literally no time at all to destroy a house! We have worked with him on picking stuff back up, which he does, only to pull it back out 5 minutes later. Thursday Braden stayed at my parents' house , so I had the day to clean! Which I have to say I was pretty excited about! So I swept, I mopped, I vacuumed, I dusted, etc. You get the picture. The house looked pretty good. Brad got home around the time that Braden did, which I was thankful for so that he could actually see what I had been working on all day. Brad left to go to his softball game and when he returned two hours later Blizzard Braden had struck! There were toys pulled out, plastic lids all across the kitchen floor, pots and pans scattered everywhere and he even POOPED on my clean floor! YES, I SAID POOPED!!! After I gave him his bath, he loves to run around naked. Usually he goes and gets a diaper for me, but instead he just ignored me and ran into the living room. So I went to get the diaper and as I am walking back (30 seconds later) I notice something that resembles poop in the kitchen floor (that I had just swept, mopped, cleaned on my hands and knees 5 hours earlier). I called Avery in the kitchen just knowing that MY child would not do that and it must be the dog, only to discover that if Avery did that she was VERY sick! All of a sudden I hear a "fluff" also known as a fart and I looked at Braden and he was pooping in the living room! AHHHHH! The phone rang and I picked it up on my way to grab Braden and wrestle the diaper on him and it was Brad. I said, "Your son just pooped on the floor"! He said, "On your newly cleaned floor?". I just had to laugh! Of all days the days to take a dump on my floor, it had to be the day that I had just cleaned it! So....I am learning to care less about what my house looks like and more about surviving the Blizzard! I can't remember, but I think that I read some quote before that said something like, Your kids will never remember or care what your house looked like, but they will remember how much time you spent with them. So my new focus is going to be less on trying to keep my house clean and more on creating quality time and meaningful experiences with Braden.
However, this doesn't mean that I am comfortable with my house being a disaster, but just beware that when you come over it might look like a blizzard tore through our home!

I love you, my little blizzard boy!


Dirt said...

Wow! I am still laughing! (:

sarah said...

Just think in 15 years you will be able to tell this story to your sons first date and embarrass him completely!

~Michelle~ said...

WOW that is funny stuff.

The Hodges Five said...

Isn't it funny how when our boys do something that we're not proud (like poop on the floor) they become..."YOUR SON..." and not our son?!?!
What a funny story!