Monday, July 7, 2008


Braden and I went with my parents to Madeira Beach, FL last week on vacation. Madeira Beach is south of Clearwater on this strip of land that is surrounded by the ocean on one side and the bay (Tampa Bay) on the other side. It was such a nice relaxing week. We went to the beach everyday and and out to dinner every night. Braden did awesome every night at dinner (which is surprising for a 17 month old who hates sitting still for any amount of time!), but the last night he got a little annoyed with his high chair and refused to sit in it!

Braden loved the beach! We were worried that the sand or waves might bother him, but not a chance! He dove right in and never looked back. He wore a tube and floaties and he got really brave and would fuss at us whenever we would touch him in the pool or ocean. He is VERY INDEPENDENT and likes to do things on his own.

We learned a couple of things about Braden this week: He is fearless, flirty and friendly! He never flinched when the waves would hit him in the face and it didn't bother him a bit on Friday night when there were fireworks going off all around us! And I mean literally al around us! Every 15 feet down the beach someone was setting off fireworks not to mention that each small strip of beach puts on their own firework celebration and the bay shoots off fireworks also! He also went crazy every time a female would come around him! Trust me he does not discriminate when it comes to age~ he flirted with the 50 year olds and the 5 year olds! He lays his head on his shoulder, turns in circles in front of them and smiles and giggles while batting his eyelashes at them! I am not kidding! I even have it on video to prove it!

Here are some of our pictures from the beach!


Krysti said...

I missed you!!!

sarah said...

So cute!! I am so glad Braden loved it. We want to see ya'll this week for sure!

~Michelle~ said...

AWEEE! I am so glad you guys had such a good time! We missed you guys! I am glad Braden had a good time. He is so cute! I see you got him those awesome floaties :)

The Hodges Five said...

Oh, he is so cute! I love the picture in the white shirt. I bought white for our three E's for our beach trip coming up.

Leslie said...

LOVE the picture of Braden on the beach in the white shirt. You need to have that framed!