Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New 'Do

Brad is out of town this week so I purposefully scheduled my hair appointment for today. I did this to ensure that I would have enough time get used to my new style before Brad came home, so that if I needed time to freak out I could do it without the "I told you need to leave your hair long"! need to worry because I LOVE MY NEW HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!! My stylist is so awesome! If you need her number just let me know!
Here are the opinions that I have heard so far:
My mom : "I love it! It looks kind of like the shag we had back in my day"
My dad: "I like the color" Me: "But not the cut?" My dad: "I like the color" (He prefers long hair, as does my hubby)
Me: "Chad (my brother) did you notice my haircut? Chad: Yeah. Me: Why didn't you say anything? Chad: I didn't know I needed to. Me: Do you like it? Chad: Yeah, it's good.
Lori (who stopped by tonight to see it on her way home from visiting her new nephew at the hospital): It looks good. I like it.
Me: Braden did you see mommy's hair? Braden: (touches my hair) No comment until a few seconds later..... "Car"
So what do you think? Especially you Brad because I know that you have looked!


The Hodges Five said...

I love it!! Super cute!!

~Michelle~ said...


sarah said...

Great hip hair! Can't wait to see it in person.