Thursday, July 31, 2008

Morgan's New ETSY Shop

My good buddy Morgan just emailed me to give me the link to her new ETSY shop. We talked about it a few weeks ago and I am so happy that she joined. She is currently selling jewelry and I've seen her work and it is really beautiful. However, she is not just talented at making jewelry. She painted a large wooden box in my nursery colors for my shower and I use it to keep Braden's books in. It is super cute! I always imagined Morgan opening up one of those cute little shops in a town square that sells handmade jewelry, stationary, cutom made gifts, pottery, etc. Trust me , the girl has talent! I hope that you will check her store out!

Morgan's ETSY shop, sassyclass25

Good Luck, Morgan! I know that you will be very successful!

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Dirt said...

You're awesome! No one has every made me sound so good! Thanks for the shout out, and the good luck! I hope I do well too...i love soing this stuff, and just hope other people enjoy it as well! Good luck with your first week back to kid-o's! Give Braden a kiss for me, since he loves to give them to me so much!!!