Monday, July 28, 2008

I Can't Believe It!

Today I started back to work full time. I know, I know. BooHoo from all of you who aren't in education and don't get to experience the pure pleasure of an 8 week summer! Anyway, back to my story.....For the past 2 years we have had The Highest Aspiration Assembly that our county conducts for all of the returning Rocakdale County Public School Employees (teachers, administrators, county office personnel, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance, cafeteria workers, you get the picture...). It is kind of like a big pep rally before school starts back. We all wear school pride shirts and sit in our own designated area with our school. Some schools even have posters! Well anyway, every year I dread it simply because I know that sitting back at my school are a ton of meetings and a classroom needing LOTS ( & this year especially I do mean LOTS) of tender loving care! I mean absolutely dread it every year! Just ask Brad~ he had to listen to me complain last night. Ok...I'm off task again. Even though I dread it I am always inspired by our FABULOUS guest speakers. And this year was the best! Guess who was there? Drum roll please........
RON CLARK!!!!!!!
Ok.... to those of you who aren't teachers or aren't associated with education world in anyway or who have never seen Oprah or watched a made for TV movie starring Matthew Perry about a teacher who taught in rural NC or Harlem, NY are not impressed I'm sure. But if you are in the education field in some form or fashion I'm certain you know who Ron Clark is and I am certain that you felt a twinge of jealousy when you heard that I got to sit in auditorium packed to full capacity with other educators listening to extremely inspiring words of wisdom fly from Ron Clark's mouth! Ok.....if you still don't get how major this is, let me give you some analogies.

Bono is to music what Ron Clark is to education
Still don't get it?
Tiger Woods is to golf what Ron Clark is to education
Ok...still not?
George Clooney is to acting like Ron Clark is to education

Surely you have it now! It is that big! I first read his book, The Essential 55, my first year teaching. A lot of his philosophy is similar to my personal philosophy in teaching: Have fun with your students, but demand respect(he makes them say "yes sir/no sir" as I have always done with my students and I always show them the say respect), set high expectations, love your students and affirm who they are, when you are disappointed in them let them know and when you are proud of them cheer for them.

I must stop now... It is time for me to get ready for another busy day. Yet I will wake up renewed to touch the lives of my students and make a difference for the future! May this be a succesful, inspiring and empowering year to all of my fellow educators & their matter what form or fashion (teachers, home school moms, bus drivers, para pros, preschool teachers, etc.) you serve.


sarah said...

Wow girl...well said!

~Michelle~ said...

YAY Chassidy! YOU go get em'

The Hodges Five said...

WOW!!! How cool is that!!??
You will do great!! This is going to be an awesome year for you!!! Good Luck!

Leslie said...

Wasn't Ron absolutely fantastic?!? I loved him. He was the highlight besides the kid that spoke who was pretty darn good himself. See you sometime over the next week or so.