Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brad is HOME!!!!

Yeah! My husband is home from NC. Our reunion is short lived since he will be leaving on Sunday for another week, but Braden and I are treasuring our time with him for this very short weekend. I know that Braden has missed Brad as much as I have because the only word he has been saying since Brad got home is "Daddy" pronounced "dah-dee". He has been cuddling with Brad, sitting on his back to "ride the horsey" and reading with Brad. And he freaked out this morning when Brad had to go exchange his rental car for a new one. One of Braden's favorite things to do is watch Brad cut the grass. This morning was especially exciting since he has missed Brad so much. I pulled up several of the blinds in the house and he would run from room to room tracking Brad and saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy". Awww, it melts my heart! Man I love my boys! Here are several pictures of Braden watching Brad cut the grass.

Here are some picture of my boys reading last night after Brad got home.

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chad said...

Can you find out from Brad where he got that awesomely manly wife beater? Thanks i gots to git me some of those!