Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Today we visited Zoo Atlanta. We left early too avoid as much of the heat as possible, which we actually did until about 11:30! We visited the Children's Petting Zoo first and Braden was actually a little timid! Shocking! Before we left he finally petted the hairiest pig I've ever seen! I don't know where you're from, but where I'm from I've never been around a pig with that much hair! We saw a pond area that was covered with this green film and at first I didn't think that there was anything in it, but there was an alligator, turtles and frogs that were camouflaged. The teacher in me screamed, "Oh my gosh! This is a perfect example of adaptations! I wish my kids could see this!" We saw the laziest kangaroos which were very cute and Braden was actually interested in them. Then we went to see the pandas. They actually moved! The last time I visited and every time that I have checked the Panda Cam they just lay frozen. But the panda actually turned to look at us and then got up and paced! We visited the elephant training which is indoors and VERY STINKY!!!! But it was amazing to see how huge the elephant actually was compared to its trainer. Next, it was onto the lion, which happened to be sunning on the rock (in my head I pictured it as Pride Rock -Lion King). The lion lifted it's head and looked up and I got some of the most incredible pictures! We got our picture taken with the Willie B. statue. When I was little Willie B. was my favorite (& everyone else's it seems). The gorillas were really neat. There was one family of gorilla's that were just hanging out on a rock. The mommy gorilla was cuddling taking a nap with one of the babies. We saw giraffes, zebras, warthogs (check out the picture- it is really weird how they eat!). Then we headed back to the petting zoo to see how Braden would do since he was fully awake and wild! He charged into the petting area and immediately began petting the goats. He even tried to follow them into their "Quiet Area"! After the 2nd trip to the petting zoo we headed to the car to unpack our picnic and then we headed home by 2:00! It was a definitely a nice experience and I can't wait to take Braden back for more zoo adventures!

Every time I leave the zoo, I amazed by the wonder that God has created. From the tiniest bird, to the ferocious lion, to the humongous elephant. And how he has equipped them all for survival. He has given them the tools they need and he has loved them and created them for a purpose. The same way he has for you and me! I know amazing isn't it that he loves us as much as everything else that he has created! I am awestruck by his majesty!

I had so many amazing pictures that I had to create a slide show!

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The Hodges Five said...

The slide show was great! I miss out season pass that we had when E. was little...maybe again in a couple of years! Glad that y'all had fun!!