Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Fun

Well that's not exactly true. It has been more ice than snow and in my opinion not exactly fun. At least not the latest snow. I was totally excited about the snow on Christmas since I don't think I will see that again in my lifetime. Christmas night Brad and I laid in bed with our blinds up watching the HUGE snowflakes fall. Braden loved going out and making snow angels and playing, but this snow...not so much.

Before the meltdown....

and after!
Brad looks like he is having as much fun as Parker!

And this is what you see if you greet me first thing in the morning! But the baby sure is cute!

Sunday night the snow was really pretty coming down, but when I was up at 4 am with the boys (Parker is teething, Braden woke up running a fever) and I heard the sleet hitting the windows it was not so cool. Monday morning Braden wanted to go outside and play so we waited until Parker took a nap, since he pitched a fit the whole time we were outside when it snowed in December. We got all bundled up and then crunched our way to the backyard. Yes, crunched. It was not beautiful fluffy snow it was hard, icy snow. There were lots of slick spots and the yard looked more like a frozen pond than yard filled with soft, powdery snow. Braden didn't even want to stay out very long and I was glad! The funny thing was that when Brad opened our front door Monday morning there was a "snow mountain" at the door over a foot of snow that had blown in. Braden thought it was the funniest thing and kept talking about our mountain of snow at the backdoor.

Braden was sooo excited about the mountain of snow!

Slipping on the ice, but Daddy caught him!

Trying to catch some of the snowflakes!

Now it is Thursday and school is still out- possibly even tomorrow because the roads are so slick. I guess this means we will be losing our Winter Break, which stinks because that is when were gooing to try to move. Braden ran a fever off and on until yesterday and his pediatrician's office was closed, so they called him in a prescription and yesterday morning I woke up with the worst sore throat, which ended up being strep throat. Luckily my doctor's office opened up yesterday so I was able to be seen. The good thing is I have gotten some packing done and been able to spend lots of cuddle time with my boys. But I am really hoping that this is the last of the snow for a while!

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