Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Oh yes, yes it is!

This year Brad and I gave the boys their gifts from us early in the day Christmas Eve. Brad wasn't all for it, but we really don't have a chance to do it any other time since we get home so late on Christmas Eve and Christmas day is always so busy with Santa, etc. Braden was excited about giving Brad the Clemson koozie he picked out and we gave Braden an Emily train for his "collection"and a Hot Wheels mac truck. Parker got a radio that plays different tunes and they both got a Toy Story 3 movie, Christmas jammies (matching of course!) and a hat, scarf and gloves. Parker could care less and spent the whole time climbing under the Christmas tree, so Braden was more than happy to open all of his gifts for him!
Then we loaded up the car, put out cookies for Santa and Braden wanted to leave carrots in the yard for the reindeer, and headed to my parent's house for Christmas Eve. My dad and Brad had to run a few errands to help Jolly Old St. Nick out so my mom and I hung out with the boys. When my Chad and Erica got to the house we feasted on Wedge salad, Low Country boil and king crab legs! We were all so stuffed, we probably would have all napped except that Braden was ready to open gifts! Once again, Parker could care less about the gifts so Braden got to open all the presents! After hanging out and spending quality time with the family, we changed the boys into their jammies, loaded up and headed home since it was after 10:00. We were hoping that that the boys would fall asleep as soon as we hit the road, but Braden was too excited to sleep. He talked almost the whole way home and finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before we pulled into the driveway!

Brad and I put the boys to bed, exchanged our gifts to each other, waited on Santa and then headed to bed just after midnight, fully expecting Braden to wake us up early the next morning. He did not however and we had to wake him up! When he walked in he was so excited to see the "Big, black truck from Walmart" that Santa left him! It was the only thing he asked for and the look on his face was worth every penny! Parker came in and headed straight for Santa's left over cookies and hardly glanced at his toys all morning! He did discover the puffs that Santa left in his stocking!

If you look closely you can see the cookie in Parker's hand!

After Santa stuff, my parents and Brad's parents came over for Christmas breakfast (ham quiche made by Brad, bacon, cinnamon rolls, muffins, sausage balls, fruit and Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes). This year Brad's grandma was in town and it was nice having her with us. After breakfast my parents left and we exchanged gifts with Brad's parents and grandma.

After Brad's parents left we got ready and headed to my aunt's house for Christmas lunch and to see my mom's side of the family. Before we headed home for the night we stopped at Waffle House to eat with my parents, aunt and uncle, cousins and their son. While were there it started snowing - ON CHRISTMAS- it was awesome! It was a super busy, but very special Christmas!

Ahh...Good Christmas memories!

Singing "Happy Birthday Jesus"

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