Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prayers for My Dad

Good news...I will have another 3 day week at school this week since school got cancelled for tomorrow. Bad news...I will be out on Tuesday because my dad is having back surgery at Piedmont. I am asking for prayers for him because he is nervous...who wouldn't be about going under the knife and because this means he really has to take it easy for awhile- like no riding in cars for 2 weeks and no driving for a month and it takes 3-6 months for a full recovery and that means he isn't going to get to spend much time with his two favorite little munchkins which I know is going to be very hard on him. His surgery is at 1pm on Tuesday and I just ask that you send up a prayer for an uncomplicated surgery and an easy and speedy recovery.

I love you Daddy!

with his favorite 12 month old

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sarah said...

I"ll be praying Chas!!