Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Parker's 6 Month Visit

Today we had our appointment for Parker's 6 month doctor's visit. He only received one immunization and we will go back in two weeks to get his other vaccinations. So far he is doing well! Thank you Jesus! He is 16 pounds and 26 inches long. She was really surprised that he was crawling and pulling up already. She got to see him in action since he was all over the table and wouldn't stay still! All in all it was a good visit.

She did ask if I had any other concerns and I just told her again about his reflux. The amount, the consistency, the fact that rice and solids haven't seemed to help and he spits those up as well. We talked about prevacid or prilosec in addition to the Zantac that he is already on and I just don't believe that the benefits outweigh the risks for me at this point. She mentioned possibly considering doing an Upper GI on him and we could talk about it at his 9 month visit. Then he continued spitting up in front of her- on me, on him, on the floor and on the table! At that point she seemed to become more concerned and said that she thinks we should go ahead and schedule the Upper GI just to rule out anything that may be contributing to his reflux. So they will be calling and scheduling an appointment for Parker at Children's Healthcare in the next few weeks. Please be in prayer that there will not be any underlying factors causing his reflux and that he will just grow out of it.

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