Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parker 6 Months

Today my sweet Parker Pie is 6 months old. We go for his 6 month appointment next week so I will have some new stats on his weight and stuff then. Also, after a nasty scare from his immunizations at his 4 month appointment Dr. Miller and I decided that we will be spreading his immunizations out instead of getting them all in one day.

Here are some of the new things Parker is doing:

  • rolling over front to back AND back to front

  • pushing all the way up

  • doing the rocking crawl

  • crawling a few steps before falling over

  • sitting unsupported for a few seconds before starting the slow descent to the floor!

  • watching EVERYTHING that Braden does and cracking up when he sees him

  • sleeping in his OWN bed in his OWN room...still not sleeping all the way through the night

  • Eating solids- hates peas and peaches, loves avocado, carrots and bananas

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