Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Lovin'

This morning I was outside playing in the sprinkler with Braden and I started thinking about things that I love about summer.

  • fresh veggies from the garden

  • longer days (I hate when it gets dark at 6)

  • not having to wake up at 5 am

  • Brad with a tan- HOT!

  • playing in the sprinkler with Braden

  • working on my tan

  • anticipating the beach- 4 weeks!!!

  • the smell of food on the grill

  • the smell of coconut suntan lotion

  • laying out by the kiddie pool!

  • blooming flowers- without my sinus issues

  • fresh seafood- oysters in particular- YUMMY!

  • flip flops

  • not wearing any makeup except lip gloss

  • lemonade (I know I can drink lemonade any other time, but it just seems perfect inthe summer)

  • riding with the windows down and the sun roof open

What is your favorite part of summer?

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