Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School

This is really late, but the problem with having pictures on 2 different cameras is that sometimes it takes me twice as long to upload pictures!

Braden started back to school a few weeks ago. This is his second year at Heritage Hill Baptist preschool program and he loves it. He goes each Tuesday and Thursday and I am hoping that he won't get as sick as he did last year. Last year was his first year and Brad and I (& my parents) were a nervous wreck! Here is a link to last year. It was an easier transition for us to let him go two days a week because we see how much he loves it and enjoys playing with his friends.

He is really excited about going each week and he talks about his teachers, Ms. Julie and Ms. Glenda, and his "school friends" all the time. Next week, they are talking about pets so I am going to take Avery over to visit his class. That should be interesting!

Here are some pictures from his first day.

What a big boy! It kinda makes me sad.

Walking down the hallway to class

Hanging up his backpack.

Hmmm...What can I get into?

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