Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is quickly becoming Braden's new nickname. As he is emerging from being a baby boy to a big boy he has become quite the daredevil and it scares me to death. Just a few weeks ago I told Brad that I foresee a trip to the ER in our future. I am praying this is not the case, but Sunday morning I thought that was where we were headed.

Brad leaves early every Sunday morning to go to his Men's bible study and Braden and I stay home and get ready and then meet him at church for the 11:00 service. After Braden had his bath I put his diaper on him and he was in his room while I was getting ready in my bathroom. All of a sudden I heard a crash and I took off running to his room. When I got to the door I saw my baby boy laying face down on the floor in front of his bed crying really hard. Just some background info on Braden- it takes A LOT to make him cry. He takes some pretty hard falls and jumps up calling "I'm alright" and takes off again. So when he is really crying he is really hurt. I swept him up in my arms and I couldn't tell if he was bleeding, but I knew exactly what he had done.....JUMP OFF HIS BED (which is high) OVER THE BED RAIL ONTO THE FLOOR where he had scattered pillows to brace his fall. When I got him comforted enough so that he could talk to me he kept saying, "I love you mommy. My eyes hurt so bad." He said his nose didn't hurt just his eye. I'm still not sure if he hit it on the wooden step stool by his bed or the bed rail (he tells me he hit it on the bed rail), but it left a mark under his eye. He told me that a band-aid would make him feel better so I bandaged him up and we headed to church since he seemed to be doing ok.

When we got home from church, Brad and I were fixing lunch in the kitchen and Braden was playing in the living room. Once again we heard a crash and Braden crying, so we both took off and I grabbed Braden and Brad told me that he was bleeding on me. Brad took him and we looked at his chin. He had cut the bottom of his chin and strawberried the top part of it. Apparently he was "walking" around Brad's table when he fell (maybe he cut his chin on the table, maybe it was the underneath side of the coaster that was under him when I picked him up), but he busted it up pretty bad. To make matters worse, only part of his band-aid would come off his face! I am the dumb mother who gives into her 2 year old wishes and puts a band-aid on their face. PAINFUL!

We are just praying that Braden won't be quite so fearless anymore when it comes to jumping off high objects!


Anonymous said...

There boys thats what they do, Cohen is quite the dare devil too! Good luck with 2!! Your gonna have to let me know how that goes I might just change my mind about wanting 3 boys! Love you see you soon.

sarah said...

oh that poor thing. thankfully micah is still a big scaredy cat but so was zach at that age and now he'll jump off and over anything. maybe braden and micah can rub off on each other and to make two normally precocious yet cautious children!