Monday, September 7, 2009

Parker Reed Hoffman

Well the cat is out of the bag....what kind of person would trust a 2 year old to keep top secret information anyway? :)

Yesterday morning while we were getting ready for church, Braden said that he wanted to buy the baby a bedtime bear just like his but white. I talked him out of white (I can't imagine how disgusting it would look after lots of love) and we decided blue was a good color for his baby brother. If you have ever seen Braden's bedtime bear you know why a light color is not a good idea!

So last night my mom came over and Braden tells her he is going to the store to buy a blue bedtime bear for baby Parker. Mine and Brad's eyes got so big. We were hoping he wasn't going to say anything else , but he just kept going about buying baby Parker a bedtime bear to put in his crib to sleep with. My mom kept looking over at us and it was pretty obvious that Parker is the baby's no more secrets....his name is Parker Reed Hoffman.

Parker Reed Hoffman

Parker is my mom's maiden name and Reed is my dad's middle name. Our plan was to use this name regardless of gender, but I think it is more fitting for a baby boy. We have decided it is nice to not have to keep a secret, so a big thank you to Braden!

Today we went shopping to buy Parker's bedtime bear. Braden was so excited about buying Parker a bedtime bear since he loves his so much. When we got home he put "Parker's blue bedtime bear in Parker's baby crib for him". It was so sweet. I hope that Parker will adore his bedtime bear from his big brother as much as Braden loves his bedtime bear.

Parker's bedtime bear waiting for him in his crib.

Braden's bedtime bear. Can you tell it has seen better days?

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sarah said...

Well I assumed he might spill the beans but I didn't know it would be this fast!!! Sweet Braden was just too proud!

FYI Parker's Blue Bear will become grayish bluish bear :)