Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Like Daddy

I am happy to say that Braden is becoming quite the Daddy's boy! He is the sweetest little boy and is always saying, "I love you Daddy...Daddy wanna play?" It is so sweet and it makes me so happy to see the relationship that they are building together.

Since Parker will be here in a few VERY short months, we have been VERY busy trying to get everything organized. I finally got Braden's pictures in his playroom hung and his toy bins labeled....I still don't have the pictures that I painted up in his room...someone please NAG me to do this! My mom has been helping organize and clean out my closet. You would not believe the loads of stuff we took to Goodwill and the dump. (I am happy to report that my closet is still nice and clean.) To help organize my shoes I bought a Closet Maid storage compartment thingy and Brad and Braden put it together for me. When Braden saw Daddy's hammer he just had to run to his playroom to get his hammer out of his toolbox. It was the cutest thing!

Brad has been having some back issues lately and he has been to see an orthopedic doctor and they recommended him to try some exercise to alleviate some of his pain. Braden just thinks it is the coolest things to see Daddy in the floor doing "his exercises" and he just has to get in on the action. So Brad and Braden "exercise" together almost every night and it is the funniest thing to watch!

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