Monday, March 2, 2009

Consignment Sale Finds

I have not always been a consignment sale shopper. In fact I used to start itching at yard sales, consignment sales, etc. I would walk away scratching.....I don't know...I'm weird like that. Anyways, when Braden was 9 or 10 months old I went with the intent of looking for a Leap Frog learning table and a Leap Frog Walker. Each are about $40 each in the store and I didn't want to pay that much for them both so I went with my friend Lori. I was so excited when I walked out with the learning table for $8 and the walker for $12. They were both in excellent condition and I brought them home and sanitized them really well and he LOVED the table...he wasn't that impressed with the walker (I'm really glad I didn't spend $40 on the walker).

Since then I have worked 2 consignment sales which means that I can get into the preview sale to see the really awesome stuff and I have sold items also. I don't buy a lot of clothes from the sales just because I am super picky about clothes and I always hit sales at the end of the season at Baby GAP and Children's Place and stock up then, but I have gotten A LOT of great toys. Saturday I went to one sale and I came home with roller skates, a parent's bee bop band, 2 tool sets, a school bus (of we don't have enough), a Leap Frog baby Little Touch Library with 4 books and cartridges and an interactive puzzle, a dump truck Easter basket, a little tikes bowling set (still in the box), baby gap short, osh kosh shirt, old navy shirt, and a life preserver suit for the beach and I only spent $70. Oh and a vacuum cleaner, dust buster and mop (dirt devil kid's one) for my classroom. Here are some of my great deals from this sale and past sales.

Leap Frog walker- my first buy!

This is a see saw that I bought- I sanded it, painted it and it was part of Braden's Easter gift.

This is very UGLY table that I sanded and painted for Braden's playroom.

Braden was so excited about the roller skates. I barely got them cleaned before he put them on and took off. The hard hat and suspenders came with one of the tool sets that I bought him.

Ready for the beach! Doesn't he look like a body builder?!


Hodges Five said...

Those pictures of Braden are just too cute! I love the last one!

Hodges Five said...

OH...and I guess you know the MOM's one is coming up. I'm getting stuff ready to sell...what a job!