Saturday, February 21, 2009


Since we have been watching Braden's diet he hasn't had many sweet treats. Yesterday we were at the grocery store and we passed the bakery donuts and they looked sooo good. I asked Braden if wanted to pick one out to take home and he was so excited. He chose the donut that was covered in star sprinkles. And I got a raspberry filled donut. YUM! Braden wanted his donut right away and I was explaining to him that we had to take it to the register and check out first. He looked at me so seriously and said, "Mommy be patient." He is so funny!

When we got home he wanted his donut on a red plate (he has become very picky about colors lately) and when I put it on his plate along with his "coffee" aka chocolate milk, he said, "MMMM.. donut deyishus (delicious)" and he was right!


sarah said...

good choice braden, that looks like one yummy doughnut!

Hodges Five said...

That is too cute! I've gotten so far behind on your blog. I'm catching up and it's so much fun...Braden is too cute!!

That's funny...the word verification is "after" I've never seen an actual word. LOL You really wanted to know that didn't you!?!? LOL