Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Project

This past week while I was looking for ideas to use with my class I came across this cute project that I thought I could try with Braden at home. I knew that it would be too easy for my class at this point in the year and too hard for Braden because it involved cutting pieces of green paper and I am NOT giving my just turned 2 year old scissors, but with a few modifications it was a success!


Shamrock pattern, green construction paper, q-tips, glue

Here are the directions:

1. Draw or print a shamrock template (I drew my own- 3 hearts and a stem)

2. Cut out shamrock- if you have older children they can do all of the cutting for this project

3. Cut out small pieces of green construction paper

4. Use shamrocks to smear on the glue (I tinted my glue with green food coloring so that it would be easier for Braden to know where he had already applied the glue)

5. Place green construction paper on shamrock and allow to dry!

Braden had so much fun smearing the glue with the q-tips and putting the construction paper on the shamrock. This was his first time using glue and he did a great job!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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