Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm in LOVE

Yes.... I am in love. With whom? You may be asking....Brad? Of course. But I'm talking about my other main squeeze. My favorite 2 year old. And no this is not a new kind of in love. I have been in love with him since the moment they placed him on my chest after I gave birth to him. However, these past couple of days I have come to the realization that my baby is not a baby anymore...he is a boy and it is absolutely breaking my heart. I know you think that I am crazy and you would think that even more if you knew that I am sitting here right now crying as I type this. I think that it is just the fact that I enjoy him so much and I feel like these 2 very short years have flown by so quickly and I just worry about how fast the other years of our life together are going to fly by. I feel like I am in a place where I just wish that time would freeze.
I absolutely adore his personality. I love his stubbornness. I love his giggle. I love how he says, "mommy funny". I love the way he says, "hey mommy" every time he enters a room and "bye bye mommy" anytime he leaves. I love the way he tilts his head back, squeezes his eyes shuts and smiles really big showing his gapped teeth when he is laughing. I love the wayhe speaks in third person, Braden toast, Braden shoes, Braden book, etc. I love the way he says, "puh-lease" when he really wants something badly. I love that he sings his favorite songs at the top of his voice no matter where we are. I love when he says, "mommy com'ere (come here)" when he wants me. I love when he comes to me and grabs my thumb and tells me to "hold a hand" when he wants to show me something. I love the way he adores his bedtime bear and calls for him before he goes to sleep each night. I even love the way that he repeats EVERYTHING I say. I love the way he says "mmm good" when he is eating something tasty. I love his giant hugs and the way that when he gives me a kiss it also has noise "MMMMWHHHH". I love how he calls his pacifier "pacipie". I love how he can make me smile even when he is in trouble sitting in his time out chair just by smiling at me and saying, "hey mommy". I love the way he says "God is good..God is great.." if Brad and I forget to pray at the dinner table. I love how when I say "shake shake shake" he says " shake your booty". I love how much he adores his family and how special he can make people feel. I just LOVE my boy.
Last night I actually started crying while we were putting him to bed. I just had this overwhelming feeling my baby was growing up and these precious years with him being young are so fleeting. At first Brad thought I was crazy, but I think that he understands because he told Braden to give me some love and that I needed some extra attention from him and of course my precious baby came and wrapped his arms tightly around my neck and gave me a big "MMMMWHHH" smooch. It was just what I needed to remind me to treasure every moment that I have with my precious baby boy.


Krysti said...

so sweet...and if you miss the whole baby thing, you sure could have another :-) :-) :-)

~Michelle~ said...

Thanks.... now I am crying. Killian cannot grow up lol