Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My UGA Riding/Singing/Gossiping Buddy

Krysti....aka KK, I really, really missed you tonight. Tonight was my first night back in grad school and even though I am taking an online course my professor required us to attend an orientation so that I meant I had to make the LONELY trip to Athens all by my lonesome.

I am embarrassed to say that I started grad school the semester before Krysti started, but she graduated this summer and I am just over halfway finished.

When Krysti and I met we were both first year teachers at Shoal Creek (along with Kylie and Sarah, the other two best 2nd grade teachers I have ever met). I have been so blessed by all of their friendships, but Krysti really helped to make the long trip to Athens more bearable. Here are several of the memories that I will miss:

  • First and foremost: POOP on the LOOP

  • Blimpies or Zaxby's? There aren't any stinking places to eat out here!

  • Catching up on the latest Creek gossip

  • Getting scolded in a certain professor's class

  • Singing---LOTS & LOTS of Singing

  • That is SOOOOO Redic!

  • Grandma stories

  • The occasional Varsity visit (along with all that accompanies a trip to The Varsity)

  • Complaining about the horrible drivers we passed

  • Speeding ticket- Thank you po po...maybe I should have used the I'm pregnant card- oh wait I did to get us out of class early..Karma?

  • Can we get a good parking spot this week?

  • Oh...can you ever forget the parking ticket and how they denied our written rebuttal

  • And MANY MANY more AWESOME memories!

My road trip to Athens will NEVER be the same!

I miss you girl!

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Krysti said...

ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I miss you too!!! We had some good times on our trips to Athens...you are the best.

LOVE YOU!!! :-)