Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Preschool Celebration

Due to camera difficulties I just got these pictures downloaded to my computer.

The Thursday before Braden's birthday I took cupcakes to his preschool class. He attends Heritage Hills Preschool one morning a week. He was so sweet when I came in. He kept saying, "Mommy..Mommy". It was like what are you doing at my school? Everyday we drive by my school on our way home and he says, "Mommy school", but this was like you're coming to MY school! As soon as his teacher gave him the cupcakes he devoured his! It was like the kid had never been given cake before! After his class enjoyed the cupcakes, I spent some time playing with him and the other students and then thanks to his teacher, Ms. Kellie, I was able to sneak out on my 3rd attempt without getting caught! Here are the pics and please don't make fun of my cupcakes.....I am an amateur and have no aspiring dreams to be anything other than that as far as cake is concerned!

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