Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

  • Today is my wonderful husband, Brad's, 32nd birthday! Brad is such a wonderful husband and father. He loves spending time playing with Braden and I truly love that about him. This is all the time that I have for now, but I promise to update about my handsome hubby later!

    I love you baby!
    Ok....Some things I love about my hubby....

  • his unconditional love for Braden

  • he prays with me and for me

  • he doesn't mind my crazy crush on Brett Favre

  • his dudu brown eyes

  • he doesn't think I'm crazy....he thinks I'm weird, but not crazy

  • we can have different points of view on issues, but still get along

  • he is thoughtful

  • he sends me sweet texts to remind me how much he loves me

  • his, is he stubborn

  • he DVRs our favorite shows and waits to watch them when I have time

  • he is not afraid to ride in a car with me

  • his quirky sense of humor

  • he would do anything to make Braden and me happy

  • he tells me that he loves me

  • he likes to get a hug when he walks through the door

  • he kisses my cheek each night before he goes to bed...even if I am already sleeping

  • his cute behind

  • that he writes my nicknames on my Christmas gifts each year

  • he cleans the dishes in the kitchen after I cook (well.....not all the time....but I still appreciate it when he does)

Happy Birthday Honey!


Krysti said...

happy birthday brad! :-)

Hodges Five said...

How sweet! I may have to steal that idea later for my blog. LOL