Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

It seems like I am always delayed in posting this time of year!  'Tis the season I guess! 

This Halloween, we did our usual- family(with the exception of my Granny and Grandpa Bill and Shane, Staci, the boys and Skylar who were all sick), chili and hot dogs, but instead of a hayride through our neighborhood (which is a ghost town on Halloween...I mean people literally turned their porch lights out on us last year and one man closed the blinds on us...rude) we went to Parker's preschool for trunk or treat. They had a HUGE blow up slide which Braden and Cohen loved, Parker wouldn't commit to riding (he refused to take his shoes off and then kept sneaking up behind the man who was helping the kids on the slide) and Emersyn and Hunter enjoyed watching.

The veterinarian, elephant, and watermelon!

Braden and his sweet pre-k teacher, Ms Cindy


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