Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

I think this is the closest we have EVER been to Halloween without carving our pumpkin, but this month has been super busy and it totally snuck up on me.  I truly believed that I had an extra week before Halloween!  I finally bought a pumpkin at Target a few days ago and Parker got to choose the stencil.  He picked Angry Birds, of course!  Both of my boys are crazy about Angry Birds and have been for a while! 2011 pumpkin, 2010 pumpkin.
The boys were so excited about carving the pumpkin and Braden was actually up for helping pull the pumpkin guts out this year!  Parker, however, kept saying, "Icky!" and "I can't watch!"  We pulled Emersyn close to the action and she enjoyed playing with the top of the pumpkin and trying to eat the uncooked pumpkin seeds!
choosing the stencil

"I can't look!"

digging out the guts!

Parker wanted a kiss!  Love that sweet boy!

excited about getting to join the fun!

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