Sunday, July 26, 2009

Working Man

Tonight I was working in the kitchen trying to get some things ready for tomorrow. Braden was sitting on the counter while I was working and I was reminding him that tomorrow I have to go back to work so he has to go to bed earlier tonight since he has to get up earlier in the morning. This is our conversation:

Me: Do you remember where mommy works?

Braden: The school

Me: What about Daddy?

Braden: The bank (he says da bank!)

Me: Do you have a job? Do you have to work?

Braden: I work on my red car at Grr and Palpaw's.

It was so cute! He adores his red car and ALWAYS has to play in it when he is at their house. It was so cute and very true that he sees that as HIS job!

Also, tonight I was cutting up eggs to make egg salad for Brad for dinner tomorrow night and I cut an egg in half. Braden said, "It's an oval." Of course, I made a big deal about him recognizing that shape in the egg and I said, "You are so smart. You are just the smartest boy." To which he replied, "Thank you mom (pronounced 'fank you') you're a good girl!"

While we were putting him to bed tonight, he looked at the window, looked back at us, and let us know that it was not dark yet! Code for: I don't think I'm going to sleep anytime soon! Hopefully, he will be adjusted back to our school routine in the next couple of days! Since he is working now, it is important that he gets his rest too!

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sarah said...

so cute! i'm glad that he thinks you're a good girl. today micah told me i was handsome :)