Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a Silly Boy!

Some funny Braden sayings or Braden-isms....
  • While playing with my hair which was down, he said "Mommy don't have one." Mommy doesn't have what? "Mommy doesn't have a hair-tail." meaning pony tail!
  • He has been carrying a big brown bear around lately. While I was getting him ready for bed the other night, he was examining the bear and he told me that the brown bear has a tail. I said yes it does. He replied, "Braden doesn't have a tail. I have a tallywagger!" Tallywagger is what we call his "male anatomy".
  • We have recently started discussing the concept of left and right. Yesterday while he was at my parent's house he was playing on the bed and he said, "I'm going the wrong way. Oh-I'm going the right way. Oh no, I'm going the left way."

Braden's silly face!


sarah said...

ha! love the silly things they say!

Hodges Five said...

He's at that fun age where they say the cutest things! Enjoy!