Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuck the Turtle

Tuck the Turtle

While I was driving home yesterday, I saw a turtle in the road, so I pulled over and picked him up. Last night after we got home from dinner, Brad and I took Braden outside to play with the turtle, which Braden named Tuck (after the turtle on Wonder Pets). He was so cute looking at Tuck the Turtle and discovering that he had a tail and even toesies! We painted a 'B' for Braden with fingernail polish on Tuck's shell so that if we find him again soon we will know that it is Tuck. Braden watched the turtle for a while, drove his truck around him about a hundred times, and finally picked him up....just before we released him into the woods behind our house.

Hey Tuck!

Avery wasn't too sure about the turtle!

Braden, Tuck, and Daddy

Mommy, Tuck, and Braden

'B' for Braden on Tuck's shell

Setting Tuck free in the woods

Bye Tuck!

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