Friday, August 17, 2012


Optimus Prime
Braden is a kid who has never been into superheroes.  If you asked him to name his favorite super hero, I'm pretty sure he would tell you Thomas the train.  Or Percy.  Or Henry.  Or Toby.  In fact since he was two, he has been consumed with trains, trains, more trains and cars and trucks.  Pretty much if it has wheels, we are guaranteed that it will be a hit with Braden. The only other thing he likes are blocks and anything he can take apart and rebuild. 
This past Christmas I found the complete first season of the Transformers cartoon that Brad used to watch when he was a little boy.  I gave it to Brad and Braden for Christmas and while Brad was totally excited, Braden wasn't that impressed.  However, a few weeks ago I pulled it out for him and he is hooked.  It seems to be the perfect toy for a boy who loves anything with wheels and building.  The other night he actually asked if they make a Transformer that is a train and if they don't they should!

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