Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Parker Goes to School

Parker started school this morning...and boy was he excited!  Until he figured out that he doesn't get to ride the bus!  He kept saying, "My bus.  School."  And I had to explain to him that I have to drive him to preschool and he said, "No Mommy.  School bus to school."  Yeah, he was a little upset when he realized the bus wasn't coming!
kissy face

After breakfast and pictures, we got Emersyn up and dressed and headed to school.  He was a little quiet on the way until he realized that we weren't bringing his paci and he told me to turn around and go back home to get it....which I didn't do...and he survived!

At school I was trying to take pictures and he kept saying, "Come on Mommy.  Come on."  He was really excited and ready to get to his class.  When he got to his room he hung his backpack up and then went to play.  Then he stopped and walked back to me and said "Hold you Mommy (Hold me mommy)" and teared up a little.  After I picked him up and gave him kisses he hopped down and said, "Bye Mommy" and never looked back!

Come on Mommy
little man on a mission
finding his hook and cubby
Would you go already?  I'm fine.  Really I am.  Please go.
When I picked him up at noon he was sitting at a table playing with playdoh and was happy to see Emersyn and me.  He grabbed his backpack and headed for the door!

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Megan P said...

YAY!! Glad it went well!