Friday, October 9, 2009

Parker's 3d Ultrasound

Tuesday we went for a visit to 3d Baby to get a 3d/4d ultrasound of Parker. We took Braden with us and he was less than impressed and poor Brad spent more time entertaining Braden than looking at Parker, but I enjoyed getting to see my littlest man in action.

We really wanted to do this for Parker since we had done the same thing for Braden when we were pregnant with him. There were A LOT of similarities between our visits with both Braden and Parker, apart from us doing both at 28 weeks. Both Braden and Parker were non cooperative about moving around- we call it just being stubborn and it's a family trait! They both also had their sweet little chubby hand covering their face for a good portion of the time! Braden was breech at 28 weeks and Parker currently is though I am not that concerned about it, since most babies turn by 40 weeks.

It was so special to see Parker and it made me even more excited about meeting him in December. By the way I had my appointment for my 1 hour glucose test on Thursday and it went well. While I was there I talked to Dr. Williams about my biggest fear- being in the hospital and away from Braden on Christmas Day (particularly Christmas morning). My preference is to go into labor after Christmas or be induced on Monday, Dec. 28 (my due date is Dec. 27), but he said that if I am a good candidate for induction (already dilating and thinning of my cervix) then he could induce me at 39 weeks, which would be Dec. 21, which would put me home by Christmas. So I at least feel better about these possibilities!

yawning- sleepy boy!

This picture looks identical to Braden's 3d picture!

Please- no more pictures mom!

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