Thursday, October 8, 2009

Georgia Aquarium

My favorite picture from our visit!

I have been off work this week for Fall Break and Brad took a week of vacation to spend time with us, so we wanted to do something special with Braden. He hadn't been to the Georgia Aquarium yet, so we wanted him to get this experience.

We packed a lunch and ate in the back of the Explorer (I wanted to have a picnic at Centennial Olympic Park, but the rain and 57 degree temps ruined that idea!) before we headed in- Braden thought eating in the back of the car was super exciting! After we got inside we stopped a the tropical fish first and Braden loved looking at the jelly fish and "Nemo". He was content as long as there wasn't a big crowd and he could get pretty close up- he's 2 so we couldn't expect him to be wowed by everything! He also liked sticking his hand in touch pools- especially the touch pool with the sting rays and sharks! Brad stayed away from those after his sting ray "experience" this summer (his scar is just now starting to go away)!

I love Brad's super serious face- check out the size of that sting ray!

After a little over 2 hours we visited everything we wanted to see (except the beluga whales that were put away due to construction) and we headed home. When got to the parking deck to leave, Braden refused to get in the car. We couldn't figure out what the heck had gotten into him, but we finally figured out that he didn't want to leave. He kept asking to go back to the Aquarium. Luckily Brad got tons of footage on his video recorder and we played it for Braden when we got home. I'm really glad he enjoyed his first trip to the Aquarium.

He had just gotten splashed by a sting ray in the touch pool!

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